⭐ Star Emoji


The Star Emoji is looks like what everyone imagines when they think of a star. The Emoji is a Five point star.

While the emoji is an astrological phenomenon, it is more commonly used to express the metaphorical meaning of the star. This meaning contains but is not exclusive to fame, success or rating. It does not matter if it is used in a conversation, as a reaction or for a new post – the Emoji is a fan favorite!

Did you know the Emoji originally had a different name? Keep reading to find out what it was!

How the Emoji is regularly used in sentences:

  • Wow! He or she is a ⭐ Star ⭐
    • A famous person
  • I rate that 5 Stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    • Used when rating and/or reviewing a product, service or experience
  • “Twinkle, twinkle little star” ⭐
    • A song referencing a star
  • Did you see the movie Emoji? Starring T.J. Miller!

Other names that are also linked to this Emoji:

  • ⭐ Gold Star
  • ⭐ Yellow Star

The original name of the Emoji:

  • ⭐ White Medium Star

Star Emoji Copy and Paste

If you would like to use the Emoji, simply press on the Copy button and paste it anywhere you want. Using any device or browser you want.


Gold Star Emoji Images

Star Emoji on Social Media

⭐ An amazing painting with a Star Emoji ⭐

⭐ Used C(St)ars ⭐

⭐ Twinkle twinkle many Star Emojis⭐

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