🥺 Pleading Face Emoji


The Pleading Face Emoji is a yellow face with puppy like eyes. Outside of the puppy eyes, it does also have a small frown and most of all is very sad. It mimics the face of someone that is pleading. Pleading is basically someone trying to beg or persuade someone or something to do something you like. It can also be used to describe peoples Face, however this is not a nice way to go about it.

Pleading Face Emoji can be used in many different ways, for instance:

  • Can I bring my girl/boy friend to dinner tonight? 🥺
  • Do you want to cuddle? 🥺
  • Can I snug up next to you? 🥺
  • Pleaaaaaase?! 🥺

Emoji’s that are used regularly in combination with the Christmas Tree are:

Other names, which can also be used for the Emoji are:

  • 🥺 Begging Face
  • Us Emoji 🥺
  • 🥺 Pleading Eyes

The Pleading Face Emojis belongs to the Sad Emojis.

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Pleading Face


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Pleading Face Emoji on Social Media

While the Emoji is certainly very popular on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The Emoji does find more use in one-to-one conversations, such as on iMessage, Whatsapp or Telegram.

Please see below some example of uses for this Emoji!

It is just the Pleading Face!

The Emoji is getting more and more popular with the day!

Look, it is the actual Pleading Face Emoji!

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