😭 Loudly Crying Face Emoji


The Loudly Crying Face Emoji is a yellow emoji with streams of tears coming from closed eyes. While the emoji screams sadness, it actually is one of the most used Emojis on Twitter! By many used because it looks like the emoji can’t be consoled for their grief, this emoji can also be used to express extreme joy or pride.

Belongs to the Sad Emojis, seeing as there probably are no tears left in this little one anymore.

Emoji’s that are used regularly in combination with the Loudly Crying Face Emoji are:

Other names, which can also be used for this Emoji are:

  • 😭 Sobbing Emoji
  • Sad Crying Emoji 😭
  • 😭 Cry Emoji

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Loudly Crying Face Emoji on Social Media


So close, and yet so far?! 😭

It is a sad year for Barca fans 😭

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