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Heart Emoji Meaning

There are a lot of different Heart Emoji’s. This Emoji is ment to express Love and Compassion to one another. The Emoji is by far the most popular Emoji of all time.

While the Red Heart Emoji is mainly used to express love, there are many other colored Hearts with different meanings. For example the Black Heart Emoji can also mean Dark Humor or is used to express that you love sad things. Another meaning can be to express sympathy with Black Lives Matter. The third example is the Green Heart, with which you can express Love for Nature and Environment!

Most importantly, if you would like to express your sympathy or love to something or someone, you have a large group of hearts to pick from. If there is one category where a lot of Emoji’s are available, it is the heart category.

On this page you can easily Copy and Paste all Heart Symbols you can imagine, all you have to do is find the Heart you want, click on copy and finally paste it anywhere you want. It is that simple!

Copy and Paste Heart Emoji

Red Heart


Shiny Heart


Growing Heart


Double Heart


Yellow Heart


Green Heart


Blue Heart


Purple Heart


Black Heart


White Heart


Brown Heart


Two Hearts


Beating Heart


Heart and Arrow


Present Heart


Logo Heart


Small Black Heart


Broken Heart


Heart Emoji Images

There are so many Hearts that unfortunately, it is not possible to show them all together. You can simply wait until the carrousel starts, or look through the Emojis by clicking on the left or right arrow.  If you didn’t yet know, there are a lot of Hearts!

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