😿 Crying Cat Face Emoji


The Crying Cat Face Emoji is a yellow cat emoji that is crying. It is the same Emoji as the the 😒 Crying Face Emoji, but as a cartoon cat. While the eyebrows are raised a little, the eyes of the Cat Face are closed with a single tear coming from the Eye.

The Crying Cat Emoji belongs to both the Sad Emojis and Cat Face categories

Emoji’s that are used regularly in combination with the Christmas Tree are:

Other names, which can also be used for this Emoji are:

  • 😿 Crying Cat
  • 😿 Cat Tear

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Crying Cat Face


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Crying Cat Face Emoji on Social Media

Cute cat? We think so 😿

I’m sure that they will have found peace 😿

There is a reason we have Cat Faces but we don’t have any Dog Faces 😿

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