☑️ Check Box with Check Mark Symbol Emoji


The Check Box with Check Emoji ☑️ is a box with a check mark symbol. The box represents something that needs to be done, such as a task, a multiple choice answer to a question or a confirmation. The check mark symbol represents that this task has been completed.

The Emoji is commonly used with in combination with text that describe something has been completed, such as:

  • Exams completed ☑️
  • Woke up on time finally ☑️
  • Had a great time with friends and family ☑️

Another use for this Emoji is to confirm something:

  • Justin Bieber is hot ☑️
  • Manchester United is my favorite football club ☑️
  • Max Verstappen is a World Champion Formula 1 Driver ☑️

Emoji’s that are used regularly in combination with the Check Box with a Check are:

  • ✅ Check Mark Button Emoji
  • ✔ Check Mark Emoji
  • ❌ Cross Mark Emoji
  • ❎ Cross Mark Button Emoji
  • 💯 Hundred Points Emoji

Other names, which can also be used for the Check Box with a Check Emoji:

  • ☑️ Checked Checkbox
  • ☑️ Checkbox with a Check Mark Symbol Emoji
  • ☑️ Checkbox with a Check Mark

Copy and Paste Check Box with Check Emoji

Do you also want to confirm that you have completed the task? Simply Copy and Paste the Emoji by hitting the Copy Button!

Check Box with Check


Emoji Images

Check Box with Check Emoji on Social Media

Confirmation that everything is alright

When you want to tick of the list that they are celebrating together, CHECK! ☑️

Use the Check Box with Check to Check something out

In the context of wanting someone to look at a picture, you can ask them to ☑️ (check) it out!

Completed some or multiple tasks

When you have done everything you needed to do – ☑️!

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