Windows 11 Emoji Update

The Windows 11 update has been out for a few weeks now and you may have noticed the new look of Emojis. Windows 11’s emoji designs are more inline with other platforms, such as iOS and Android. These changes were made to make Windows users feel like they’re using the same platform as their friends and family members who use different devices.

With the new update, we are finally able to see the Heart of Fire and Face in Clouds Emoji.

New look for Emojis in Windows 11

In the latest update of Windows 11, Microsoft has made changes to the way windows users can use Emojis. Moreover, users now have access to a different set of colours and symbols, making it easier for Windows users to communicate with their friends who are using Apple or Android devices. If you’re looking at your friends texts on windows 11, they will look very similar to how he/she sent it on Whatsapp or Facebook.


Some of the new Emojis that came with the latest windows update. As you can see they look closer to their Emoji variations on other devices.

New Emoji’s added to Windows 11

The update, Windows 11, comes with a lot of changes and one of them is the addition of new Emojis. These new Emojis are more inclusive. Plus they represent a wider range of people.

There are now more Emojis! Firstly, People of different colors and a variety of foods have been added. Secondly, the new animal additions include skateboard, lacrosse stick and even parrots in the mix. aLastly, beautiful creatures such as lobsters or kangaroos for good measure. There’s something here for everyone–even those who don’t care much about sports can enjoy this fresh update on our favorite pictograms!

In 2022, more Emojis have been accepted by Unicode. Unicode is the company that approves Emojis. Well, there are now gender-neutral family emoji, a hedgehog, and more disability-inclusive icons.

The redesign of the Emojis is meant to be subtle but noticeable. With updated details like gradient shading, circular designs, and changes in skin tones. Microsoft has worked closely with the Unicode Consortium to provide the best looking Emojis.

Hyped up Emoji Release – Clippy

Out of the new Emojis, the most anticipated release was Clippy.. Clippy is BACK!. Most importantly, Clippy released in Windows 97. The animated paperclip will now be available as an emoji on all Windows devices. Clippy is meant to help users with their tasks. When a User would click on Clippy, they would tell you what it could do.


Would you look at this absolute beauty of an Emoji?! How cool is that they finally brought back Clippy.

What Emojis look like in Windows 11

Let’s take a look at some 1 to 1 examples of what the old and the new Emojis look like. The difference is staggering!

First up – Star Emoji


The Star Emoji has seen its thick outline removed. The yellow is more orange now. You may also notice the rounder points of the star.

Secondly – Eyes Emoji


The Eyes Emoji has been updated to look more round, have bigger pupils and a bit of a shade. Together with the outline removed, we think it looks much better!

Thirdly – Loudly Crying Face Emoji


The Loudly Crying Face Emoji has been changed to look more natural. A small gradient, change of color and removal of the thick outline.

Copy and Paste the new Windows 11 Emojis

We wouldn’t be Copy-Paste-Emoji, if we didn’t show you how to Copy and Paste Windows 11 Emojis. If there are no other major changes in the update, this is definitely one of the most popular ones.

You can Copy and paste the new Windows 11 Emoji on Word documents or emails by copying them from our Website.

All you have to do is simply press Copy and Paste the Emoji anywhere you want. Make sure you use a Windows Computer, Laptop or Tablet. This is where you can use the new Windows 11 Emojis. In conclusion, if you are looking for a Winows 11 Emoji to copy and paste – you came to the right place.

Social Media response to new Emojis

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