Super Bowl Emoji

Before we dive into Super Bowl Emojis, lets have a loot at what the Super Bowl is! The Super Bowl is the yearly American Football Finale played every year in February in the United States. The finale is part of the NFL league, where the American Football Conference and National Footbal Conference champions play against each other.

If you are not 100% into the team or the sport, you also have a large social gathering with exclusive half-time shows with popular artists.

Super Bowl as a Holiday

Not only is the Super Bowl one of the most important sporting events of America, it is also considered as an unofficial National Holiday! Every year, the game has repeatedly gotten over one hundred million viewers! One hundred million viewers ranks it alongside the UEFA Champions League final. Consider that Football (soccer) is played much more across the globe, that are some really impressive numbers!

Best viewed Super Bowl

The Super Bowl finale of 2015, was the best watched program ever in America. That day, the average number of viewers for the NFL Super Bowl Finale was 114.4 million viewers! If that is not impressive information, then we don’t know what is! The current number of Residents in the United States is 331 million, that means that 34% of the United States was watching the Finale that year.

We can assure you, while being free and great in size, the Super Bowl does not need a review!

Super Bowl Emojis

Emoji or Emojis is what we are here for after all, so why not start with the most used Emojis during the Super Bowl? As we have seen from the information before, the Super Bowl where one team eventually wins the NFL competition.

🏈 American Football Emoji

A good Super Bowl Emoji is the Emoji that represents the American Football: 🏈. The main goal of the Super Bowl is ofcourse to play the NFL football finale. On the days before and during the American Football finale, many people on social media will post American Footballs on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

Copy and Paste the American Football Emoji:


πŸ† Trophy Emoji

If you win the Super Bowl, you will be crowned the champion. If you are a champion, what do you get? Right, a trophy. That is why the Trophy Emoji is an Emoji to use during and prior to the Super Bowl!

Copy and Paste the American Football Emoji:


πŸ’Ring Emoji

A ring? This is normally only used as a romantic gesture or when two people are loving each other. This is not one of the Emojis you would use for a sporting event right? Wrong, the winners of the Super Bowl are awarded a Champions Ring. That is why the Ring Emoji represents the winning spirit of the Super Bowl.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Tom Brady (a person) has more Super Bowl Rings than any other American Football Team?

Copy and Paste the American Football Emoji:


NFL Super Bowl Emojis 2022

While there are three most used Emojis for the upcoming game of Super Bowl, there are naturally also a lot more Emojis you can use for free during the next few days.

Maybe there are not so many new Emojis for this game of Football, but there sure are many existing Emojis! Make sure to press Copy to simply copy and paste your favorite Emoji:

American Football






Clapping Hands






Beer Mug


Party Popper






Couch and Lamp


Goat – This is Tom Brady πŸ˜‰


Super Bowl Emoji on Social Media

Let’s review the different Super Bowl Emoji usages on social media, for the most popular game of American sports!

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