Is Pink Heart Emoji becoming a reality?

It’s no secret that emojis are becoming more and more popular. Nowadays, emojis are not only found on mobile phones but also accessible through operating systems such as Microsoft Windows or Android. A new emoji has been proposed by the Unicode Consortium, which may appear on your device shortly. It is called “Pink Heart Emoji,” and it is to appear in Unicode 15.0 – a new release of the emoji standard, which will be hopefully be finalized in 2022.

You can find more details on the Meeting minutes and the linked document that the Pink Heart Emoji was discussed in.

What does the Pink Heart Emoji look like?

As of this writing, the Pink Heart Emoji is still in early development, so its appearance has not yet been finalized. However, it is likely to look somewhat similar to the following image:


Do we need another emoji?

To better understand why a pink heart emoji might be useful, let us consider how it will be used. As there are many different colors for the heart emoji, it seems likely that the pink heart emoji will be used when you want to “like” someone’s content, but are not fond of them. For instance, if you wanted to like a status update on Facebook or Twitter, then the normal heart emojis would not be appropriate in this situation. However, sending out a pink might fit in this situation.

The future of the Pink Heart Emoji

As mentioned above, the pink heart emoji is only in early development. It may or may not be included in Unicode 15.0, which will be finalized in 2022. Also, it was not clear if the original proposal covered a single character or a sequence of characters (e.g.: text feed), so this may all change in the future.

However, this proposal will likely go through due to its potential usefulness. If you are interested, feel free to check out the proposed Unicode character at the following link: U+1F498.

Different types of Emoji colors

There are many versions of the Heart Emoji related, such as the Green, Purple Heart, White, and a Black Heart. But that there is still no Pink one, this gives us a Broken Heart. But no worries, you can stop your tears for the time being with the Orange, the Red heart or, the White Heart.

Luckily for us, there are some replacements that we can potentially look at. This can be done with the Heart with Arrow, Two Pink Hearts, or the Red heart. Other good related examples are Green heart, Two Hearts, and Sparkling Heart. Now that you think of it, you might even wonder why there is so much fuzz and we even need the Pink version.

Best Replacement – Purple Heart Emoji

If you can’t have a Pink one, then the obvious second choice would be a similar color. In this case, a Purple Heart color is highly recommended as its close in tone to our needs and purpose.

Second Best Replacement – Blue Heart Emoji

I guess if we are looking for a heart emoji replacement, then the best option would be a Heart colored Blue heart. Another good Emoji in our opinion would be the Yellow Heart.

Third Best Replacement – Sparkling Heart

The sparkles around the Pink Emoji are something that we also want to have. This little Emoji is perfect, and ticks of all the right categories. This

Sparkly Heart Emoji has the potential to become one of the most used Emojis in our daily life.

One thing is for sure, we will be seeing these Pink tone before 2023. Most likely even sooner than that! Other hearts like gray and light bIue might be added too. The new Emojis will not be reserved in 2021, but will like be added in a higher version. We hope that they will be approved in 2021, but we don’t see this happening.


Pink Heart Emoji meaning

If you are wondering what the meaning is of the Pink version, unfortunately for now we have to disappoint you.

The Pink Emoji is still under development and we will ONLY know the meaning once 15.0 has been finalized. At this stage, we can only guess what it might mean based on common sense and research with others like emojis.

One thing is for sure: Once Unicode has defined the new emoji and it pops up on your iPhone, we can all jump up and down in excitement as we finally have our pink hearts.

Can you imagine the possibilities? We will be able to like people’s status updates with a Pink one. To show our love for something (or someone). It’s going to be awesome and be spread across all platforms.

For now, we might have to settle with the Orange Heart Emoji, Red Heart or, Purple Heart Emoji.

Pink Heart on Twitter

While you might be wondering who is all talking about Pink Emoji, actually many people are. It is just such a nice color and style, we wish to have the Emoji as soon as possible! Other Emoji might also be nice, but we much prefer the Pink Emoji.

Copy and Paste Pink Heart Emoji

If you wish to Copy and Paste the Pink Heart, unfortunately, that is not yet possible, that is why we added all the different Emoji’s for you to do your copying and pasting on any platforms you want instead:

Red Heart Emoji


Double Heart’s Emoji


Yellow Heart Emoji


Orange Heart


Green Heart


Purple Emoji


Black Heart Emoji


White Heart Emoji


Brown Heart


Two Hearts


Beating Heart Emoji


Heart with Arrow


Present Heart Emoji


Logo Heart


Broken Heart


All you have to do is simply copy and paste by clicking the paste icon. This copy and paste icon is available on PC, Apple, Phone and Android!

Will there be a plain pink heart emoji?

Itโ€™s been a long wait, but finally, we might be getting the much-anticipated Pink Heart Emoji. The emoji was discussed as an idea at this year’s Unicode Technical Committee meeting and it could soon come to our devices in 2022! Follow us on social media for more information about what will happen next with this release or if any other new Emojis are announced before then!

What pink heart means?

At this point, we are not sure. There have not been any use cases. The assumption at this point is to express love for someone else.

Are there pink Emojis?

Yes, there are many Pink Emojis, but at this point, there is no Pink Heart.

What does a girl mean when she send pink heart?

When a girl sends a boy a Hearts emoji, that means that they are fond of what they are saying. Moreover, it could also be that they are in love with the other person!

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