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If you are here, you are probably wondering why Emojis look different on Facebook. Well, look no further, as we will go into great detail on why Emojis on Facebook look different, what you can learn from the different Emojis and how you can easily copy any Emoji you want. Or simply go to our homepage and Copy and Paste any Emoji you want!

To be honest, the Emoji that you see on Facebook will be the same Emoji that you will see on Whatsapp, iMessage, your Windows Browser or iPhone. The difference is, that each different platform can create their own Emoji style for that same character. As of 2016, Facebook choose to change the Emoji to their style. Which in turn ment that the users would also get a different look of that Emoji.

The Emoji Unicode

A little information about the Unicode. Unicode has been designed to make it possible to communicate in a single language (Emoji), between multiple different Platforms. Unicode makes it possible to talk from you Apple iPhone to your friends Android Phone with the same Emoji’s. But the main difference here is that the different platforms can now style their own Emoji’s.

Thanks to this functionality, you can send a Heart Eyes Face to your Crush, a Red Heart to your Mother or a Rolling Eyes Emoji to your Brother. This all while you don’t have to use the same device, how cool is that?

If you want to learn more about Unicode, look no further than their website: Unicode.

Emojis on Facebook

So, Emojis on Facebook. If you add the Cat Emojis on Facebook, this is the same Emoji that you add in iMessage for iPhone or through your web browser. But these Emoji’s do look different platform to platform. This is because every platform can have their own identity for the same unicode.

Now, I know that you might be wondering what is the main difference of these Emoji’s? That is why we have created a comparison for five different Emoji’s, which are:

  1. πŸ˜€ Grinning Face Emoji
  2. 🀩 Star Struck Emoji
  3. πŸ€‘ Money-Mouth Face Emoji
  4. πŸ“¦ Package Emoji
  5. 🍜 Steaming Bowl Emoji

So what is the difference? On the left side, you see the ‘Browser Emoji’, on the right side you see the Emojis on Facebook.
Let’s take a look at comparing the differences. Oh by the way, we used the Facebook Right Arrow Emoji to look for the difference!

Grinning Face Emoji Comparison

The Grinning Face is and was the first Emoji ever on Facebook. This Emoji is the Happy Smiley Face that you will see on multiple different platforms.

  1. The Facebook Emoji looks more realistics
  2. The Eyes on Facebook are bigger
  3. There is an outline for the Browser Emoji
  4. The Facebook Grinning Face Emoji has a shader

Grinning Facebook Emoji

Star Struck Emojis on Facebook

The Star-Struck Emoji is a classic good looking Emoji. So let’s dive directly in what is different!

  1. The Eyes are Purple on Facebook
  2. Facebook Emoji does not have teeth
  3. The mouth is bigger on Facebook
  4. Browser Emoji does not have a shader β›”

Star Face Emoji

Money-Mouth Face Emoji

The Money-Mouth Face Emoji indicates that you see a possibility to earn money, but what is the difference?

  1. On browser the Dollar Eyes are Bigger
  2. The Emojis on Facebook have Grey Dollar Signs πŸ’΅
  3. No Outline for the Facebook Emoji
  4. The Facebook Emoji looks more realistic

Facebook Money Mouth Emoji

Package Emojis on Facebook

The Package Emoji is used to indicate a shipment. Also for Free shipping on different websites.
But what makes the Browser Emoji different from the Facebook Emoji?

  1. The Browser Emoji looks like a Cartoon
  2. On Facebook, the Emoji has beige tape
  3. There is no red sticker on Facebook 😱

Normale Facebook Package Emoji

Steaming Bowl Facebook Emoji

Steaming Bowl Emoji, otherwise known as OMG, I AM HUNGRY!
But how do they differ?

  1. The bowl is White on Browser
  2. There is actual food on Facebook! 🀀
  3. Sticks on Facebook Emoji have a different color.

Steaming Bowl Emoji

Conclusion of the Comparison

While there are a lot of differences, the most found difference is:

  1. Facebook Emoji’s do look more realistic
  2. The Browser Emoji is more cartoon
  3. You can use the same Emoji on Browser and Emojis on Facebook, but they will look different
  4. Some colors are different on Facebook.

Copy and Paste Emojis on Facebook

If you are on Browser or Windows, it can be hard to find the Emoji that you want to use. That is why we have created a Website, specifically for you to Copy and Paste your Favorite Emojis on Facebook. All you have to do is simply find the Emoji you want, copy the Emoji and paste it on Facebook! It is that simple. Oh and by the way, if you are not already -> join our Facebook Group!

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