Android Emojis Banner Copy and PasteAre you looking for Android Emojis to copy and paste? If so, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will go over what Android emoji’s are available on Android devices and how you can copy them from your phone onto other programs such as Instagram or Facebook.

In order to get Android emojis on a PC that is not running Android OS, it is possible to our Website, which you can use as a Emoji Keyboard. We also have an iOS version of our website if you prefer to use iPhone Emoji’s instead of Android ones!

Android Emoji versions

In the first android update of android, android emoji’s were very different from modern Android Emoji’s. On more recent updates they have been making android emojis much better looking and actually look like the people or objects that are being portrayed in some cases!

In order to use Android emojis on a PC you can use our website, which can easily turn your Windows Emoji version into Android Emoji’s.

Versions of Android Emojis

In Unicode, the first Android Emojis were released in 2010 with Android Cupcake. This android version had 72 emojis, which was pretty much the basic ones that everyone uses today!

Second Version of Android Emoijs

The second version of android emojis were released within Android Froyo (release year: May 20th, 2010). This is how long Android Emojis are already being used on your Mobile Phone! Froyo had 105 emojis.

Third Version of Android Emoji

The third Android emoji release was in 2011 with the introduction of Android Honeycomb (March 22nd,2011). This version came with 157 new emojis!

Fourth Version of android emojis

In 2012, android released their fourth version of emojis with Jelly Bean (July 24th, 2012). This update had android emoji support for the new Nexus devices and came with Android’s first smiley face design. There were 230 emojis in this version!

Latest Version of Android Emoji

The latest version of the Emojis available on the Android platform are from the android O release (August 21st, 2017). This update brought us a total of 251 emojis! Included in this set are some gender-neutral emojis and new food items.

How to Copy and Paste Android Emojis

Now that you know all about Android’s emoji history, here is how you can copy and paste Emojis on any device you want. With our website, you have a free use to incorporate all your favorite Emojis in any program you want, such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat!

  • Go to on your computer or device
  • Scroll down and select the emoji you want to use
  • Copy the Emoji by pressing CTRL + C (Windows) or Command + C (Mac)
  • Paste the Emoji by pressing CTRL + V (Windows) or Command + V (Mac)

List of available Emojis on to Copy and Paste

The full list of Emojis on your computer or other device:

  • Android Emojis
  • Apple Emojis
  • Facebook Emojis
  • Twitter Emojis
  • Google Hangouts Emojis

Copy and Paste Android Emoji on any website you want! With our free online tool, you can now use all the latest emojis in all your favorite programs.

If you want to go even one step further, you can also copy and paste all Emojis at once!

The full list of emojis is available on! With our free online tool, you can now use all the latest emojis in all your favorite programs.

Android Emoji news

Android Emoji news has been all over the media lately. Emojis, which are universal symbols that can be used in almost every program and platform such as android emojis copy and paste or Apple Emoji Copy Paste, have become increasingly popular worldwide ever since their creation just a few years ago.

Emojis are used to express emotions in text messages, emails and social media posts. They have also become a popular way for brands to communicate with customers at the same time being entertaining.

Android Emojis in Facebook Ads

If you want to use Android Emojis for advertising on Facebook, Instagram or any other Meta platform, you first need to understand which emojis are available on Android. The full list is available on our website, or through the website of Unicode!

If you are trying to be informative or trying to sell, you can use the Android emoji to be more relatable to your customers.

Some great examples of how emoji’s have been used in adverts are by Dominos, Coca Cola and KFC.

The first example, Dominos Pizza, ran an advert on Facebook that showed a pizza with the eyes and mouth of an emoticon. Secondly, the Coca Cola Commercial also ran Emojis in their advertisement. They used the well-known thumbs up emoji to show people how they can enjoy their drink. Lastly, KFC also used Emojis in a clever way! In their advert, they showed an image of a chicken with the legs and beak of an emoticon.

You don’t need to be a genius to work out that these are only three of the unlimited amount of Android Emoji’s that can be used in advertising.

Emoji's in Ads

How Android Emojis can enhance your

While it is true that Emojis can be used in a variety of ways, Emojis describe in one image what a 1000’s of words can’t . How do you feel when someone uses Emojis? How does it make you respond to something? The answer is simple, they are fun and exciting!

Emojis for Advertising will turn your Ads into Conversion machines

When advertising with emojis, creativity is key. You need to be different from the rest if you want people to take notice. How do you think people will react when they see an Ad with a dancing hamburger emoji? They’ll want to know more, that’s for sure!

Adding emojis to your advertising can increase brand recognition. Another benefit is that they create a fun and exciting experience for consumers. People are drawn to things that make them happy and emojis definitely have that effect on people.

How to Copy and Paste your favorite Emojis

It’s easy to Copy and Paste your favorite emojis. If you want to copy and paste Emojis, simply follow these three steps:

  1. Copy the emoji you want to use from our website.
  2. Paste it into your desired program or document.
  3. Enjoy using your new emoji!

Examples of Android Emojis to copy into your ads

If you need more inspiration on Copy and Paste Android Emoji, check out some of our favorites below.

Android Copy and Paste Emojis are fun! Kids love them because they’re silly while adults enjoy their lightheartedness. And Copy and Paste your favorite emojis into all of your advertising or other projects today to make people smile!

Copy and paste these Happy Emojis in your next Ad campaign for some added fun!


Copy and paste this crying laughing Emoji for a funny Commercial


Other Android Emojis to Copy and paste for your next Campagne


Different look of Android Emojis

In this section, we have added three examples of how Android Emoji’s. This way you can easily see how your favorite Emojis differ from their Windows counterpart. Not only will this help you understand the key difference. It will also show you how cool they look!

Pleading Face Emoji on Android

While the first one is by chance one of our favorite Emojis, it doesn’t look totally different on Android!

Pleading Face Android comparison

Android Emoji’s – Drooling Face

The Drooling Face Emoji look much more realistic on Android, don’t you think?

Drooling Face Emoji Android

Cowboy Hat Face on Android versus Windows

The Cowboy Hat Face Emoji look so much more realistic, it is almost crazy!

Cowboy Hat Face Emoji

Android Emojis on Social Media

When you look anywhere on Social Media, you will find many Android Emoji. Check the list below for an overview!